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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Capitalize your ROI!

Thrilled to announce our meritorious event again on the dates of October 07-08, 2019 entitled 3rd World Congress on Neurology and therapeutics in the city of cultural heritage- Madrid, Spain.
With abundant gratification towards the completion of two neurology conferences in a row and stepping onto the 3rd series would like to solicit all the Deans, Directors, Head of the Department, Head of the Labs, Professors and Lectures as Guest lectures, Chairs, Co-Chairs, Keynote or plenary Speakers, Speakers. 

Media-Partners, Labs, Institutes, Associations, Societies, Groups, Companies, Device manufactures as Workshop organizers,  Exhibitors, Sponsors, Delegates for B2B meetings to have an advantageously robust exposure to the society of their service.
Students, Researchers, Postdocs interested in an academic career and research can contribute their amicable presence as YRF Young Researchers Forum and Poster presenters even as delegates as they can find an opportunity from affluent neurology professors with great researches, honours and laurels.